Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life breaking through

Pencil on paper. (HB and 2B on standard A4 drawing paper)
Depicting the daylight of life as one of my friends puts this scene as. Becoming the greater marvel that we know from the sum total of its parts... Life exclaims and amazes... Life breaks through...

The wooden lady

Pencil on paper (HB & 2B on standard A4 drawing sheet).
Depicting the inability of the woman to express her emotions despite the millions of mysteries in her locked up eyes.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy blogging

So today I managed to hit the "200 posts" lamp-post by the side of the blogging road. Well in the sheer absence of any readers or atleast ones that I know of, I pat myself on the back and say "Way to go!"...

I would take this opportunity to thank the illusion of readers that the Internet creates and that continuously nudges me to write, edit, write, edit and so on to improve on the quality of 'work' that I produce... Over the years I believe it has led to many such incessant rants - Like the one here

Nonetheless, I believe this milestone will probably inch me towards producing more text per day, more photographs per month and some more illustrations. I will keenly follow the interests of my illusionary readers and perhaps try to feed their endless curiosity and want for literary as well as visual arts to satiate the thirst that they build up over weeks, months or years...

So happy blogging it is and hope that it will continue to be so...

The play with light

The sun peeping through the clouds hidden behind the silhouette of a tree... That was some moment. One worthy of closing shutter's attention. This is one of the photos from my recent escapades and attempts with the camera as an expression medium. You can look at some others at