Friday, September 19, 2008

Khoj laana tum khushi ko

khoj laana tum khushi ko apne uss jahaan sei,
hain jahaan par pariyon ke shahro ke jharoke,
aur laana pal mei tum daal kar khushbu bhi,
fir chalenge geeto par hum sawaar hoke...
nanhe raaju ke haatho mei khelta khilaona,
aur tu tina, tu kyu aise baithi hai chup hoke,
chal aa jaa ab hum sunaa dei apni ye kahani,
aur dil ki baatei bol dei bindaas sei hoke...
kya darna hai in logo ki mote chashmo sei ab,
akhbaro ke peeche chupte naraaz ye kyun hoke,
aao poochhei insei hum ki insei upar kya hai,
kyu hai inke aaju baaju rehte itne dhoke...
arre aao lekar khushi ko apne uss jahaan sei,
hain jahaan par pariyon ke shahro ke jharoke...


Tu saraab hai ya dhoka

bada bechain nazro mei khamoshi ka sabab rehta,
na usse bolte hain hum na wo humsei hai kuchh kehta,
kabhi kulfat nahi hoti aqeedat ka toh pairaahan,
jo aansu tham ke rehta tha wo kaise hai abhi behta...
sitamgar tu badaa kaafir bana jaata hai kyun aise,
ki ab aahat bhi hoti hai, toh sannata nahi rehta,
mushtahir hai bada teri ada-on ka bayan-e-gam,
tera khayal-o-zikr bhi sukoon ka hai nahi rehta...
tu aakhir cheez hai toh kya, koi saraab ya dhoka!
khwaabo mei toh aata hai, par nazro mei nahi rehta.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The other side of the mirror

A drop of dew against my face,
That shows through the mirror,
I wipe it clean, subtly, slowly,
With the tips of my fingers.
Lingering a moment too long -
Against my wrinkling forehead,
Or least, what looks like mine!
Smeared with stories & days,
Nights full of dreams, lush -
Thoughts and fervid forms,
Engaged in the thoroughfares,
Of the mundane, the nascent -
Silences and forming sounds,
That shape into long held
Memories; Spoken, forgotten.
You becoming you for once,
I being I as only I can be!
Striking similarities - none,
And yet so many to find...
In the world that stares back,
Into my eyes from the eyes -
On the other side of the mirror.

-Anubhav K

I aspire

A little piece of sunshine,
Or a shady dusk at hand...
I aspire to become me,
While you find reasons
To walk your dreams.
Take a stroll with me,
Run, hide, run, dance,
Take a bit of that chance,
To redeem your hopes,
Cherish your destiny,
Step aside while you do...
For I must walk past,
To the sunrise due east,
The one that I inspire.

-Anubhav K

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I have always wanted to be

Sprightly and ever so brightly,
I leap into the reflection of me -
That holds my hands as free,
As I have always wanted to be!

Streaming forth my thought tunnels,
Is a beam of light, immense,
It its expanse and calidity,
Bouncing on its musical spree.

To find itself across the page,
Just beyond the lucid full-stops,
That make me pause and see,
My blurred form seeking clarity...

Staring off to the other side,
Of the coloured window panes,
I notice the pale, old oak tree,
Its arms extended in a decree -

Calling my name with the breeze,
Asking me to hold retrospect -
Close to my hope, next to my plea,
And to ask myself before I flee...

Away to the world that I occupy,
From sunrise to dusk and beyond,
And I hold my hands as free,
As I have always wanted to be, me.