Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The other side of the mirror

A drop of dew against my face,
That shows through the mirror,
I wipe it clean, subtly, slowly,
With the tips of my fingers.
Lingering a moment too long -
Against my wrinkling forehead,
Or least, what looks like mine!
Smeared with stories & days,
Nights full of dreams, lush -
Thoughts and fervid forms,
Engaged in the thoroughfares,
Of the mundane, the nascent -
Silences and forming sounds,
That shape into long held
Memories; Spoken, forgotten.
You becoming you for once,
I being I as only I can be!
Striking similarities - none,
And yet so many to find...
In the world that stares back,
Into my eyes from the eyes -
On the other side of the mirror.

-Anubhav K

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