Monday, December 21, 2009

And then I wonder, why?

In the face of gentle lies, I lie to see the pale blue sky,
To feel beneath my fingers - a tingle asking me to fly,
The cold, sharp and wet grass takes me by surprise,
I look below and then above and then I wonder why?
Why do I live in a world where cars move on roads?
Where people wearing shiny shoes are always passing by...
And dreams walk in svelte clothes while we watch in awe,
Seated in our new red chairs with a sparkle in each eye,
Can't I be the dream I lived when I was dreaming last?
Brave and smiling to face the end that was drawing nigh...
Then again and again the dreams seem losing charm,
When I let my mind run wild and let my silence cry,
Asking but the cosmic void if this is not a dream?
To breath and smile and walk - To be what they call I,
And take a chance with everyday to fight or fly or win,
To write a story in the end of great wonders with a sigh..
And yell out into the shimmering screens, into a hollow dark,
Where dreams dream of being me while staring at the sky!


Just watched the movie "Avatar" - a truly amazing spectacle and then was just wondering of various things about movies, how they take us into a different world which seems so much more exciting than our own... so just penned down some thoughts thereafter...

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