Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Human

When you fly, don’t you feel like falling down?
Just once, to see what it feels like to crash,
To find the very bare grit rub against your shin,
To yell out in pain, to feel alive, to feel human…
To be human! What is it? Is it about winning? Losing?
Is it about changing the world? Is it about silence?
Or is it about whispering while holding hands –
Of someone that you know will not be around…
Is it about running fast when you feel scared,
Not stopping to look behind, running, breathless,
Fast as you can, to survive, to come back again,
To stand in the corner and be afraid once more…
Or when you stand in the center of the room,
Claps echoing in your ears, is that being human?
Feeling like the pivot of the universe, the only one,
Around which the world deserves to move slowly…
It is not about none of it, I have done it all -
And I can’t call myself human, I won’t die, I can fly,
Being human is about having just one chance,
Just one go at it - at happiness with a deadline.


1 comment:

  1. interestingly being human is about fantasizing about winning- of being a hero, while falling and understanding what it is to fall.... to not be a hero