Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fictitious reality

In the deep blue moment, a few minutes after sunset,
There is something wandering around the fringes of vision,
A subtle sound, a sullen thought of something that may be,
Or of something that might have been; something different.
But how often do we have a moment after sunset to pause;
And to think of what reality really is? Of what we really are?
Is it real? What is happening? Or what might have happened?
Is possibility a reality? Is hope a reality? Or is it all a dream?
A little bit of both perhaps or just a little bit of nothing…
I say, yesterday had meaning and then I say it didn’t!
Is tomorrow’s reality a reflection of yesterday’s dream?
When I touch; Am touched; Smile; Cry; I win; I lose;
When I was born to live and when I live to die, what’s real?
How different is reality from fiction? Is everything a dream?
What if someone is dreaming us and we are but figments –
Of an imagination gone awry? Would we ever know?
Living each day as it passes, counting, celebrating, mourning,
Waiting for the day for someone to say, “Wake up,
You’ve been sleeping for too long, dreaming up your life”,
When the moment comes, call it a good story and go to sleep.

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