Sunday, November 30, 2014

An almost perfect day

Yet another day that’s almost perfect,
Yet another time, I see the sun rising,
From the mountains that are far far away
It’s just so different and just another day.

You find what I lost, I lose what you find,
A jar of sweet treats, a box full of posters,
A show on the telly, music that I’ve heard,
It sounds all so perfect and looks so absurd.

A thought settles down and then floats away,
Of a winter that was just as full of lights,
A tad bit too noisy but as much surprise,
Sunny morning and then rain from the skies.

There was a wall of colors that I saw in town,
Walking down the steps, run towards the sea,
A blanket full of cozy, a window full of lights,
A little bit of wrong and a whole ton of rights.

It’s yet another day that’s almost perfect,
And why should I ever want it to be more,
We keep moving on our journey to far away,
Said so much and yet we have so much to say.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shooting star

Little moments, scattered sparkling,
Interleaved within a life span,
Searching for a half read book,
Stumbling into an old photograph,
Edges still a tad bit sharp,
Memories crystal clear in the mind,
Traveling between now and then,
Easier than you think it is,
And then as the minutes pass,
Picking up a drawing board,
A few lines drawn, thousands to go,
From yesterday into tomorrow,
Moments were gems and will be so,
As you live dreams, with open eyes,
No questions asked, none at all,
No answers needed before they are,
Run into what you can and may,
A friend, a tree, a shooting star.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014