Sunday, November 30, 2014

An almost perfect day

Yet another day that’s almost perfect,
Yet another time, I see the sun rising,
From the mountains that are far far away
It’s just so different and just another day.

You find what I lost, I lose what you find,
A jar of sweet treats, a box full of posters,
A show on the telly, music that I’ve heard,
It sounds all so perfect and looks so absurd.

A thought settles down and then floats away,
Of a winter that was just as full of lights,
A tad bit too noisy but as much surprise,
Sunny morning and then rain from the skies.

There was a wall of colors that I saw in town,
Walking down the steps, run towards the sea,
A blanket full of cozy, a window full of lights,
A little bit of wrong and a whole ton of rights.

It’s yet another day that’s almost perfect,
And why should I ever want it to be more,
We keep moving on our journey to far away,
Said so much and yet we have so much to say.


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